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Mar 25 2014

How do Scientists Discover Oil? Part 1

Filling up your tank may be an easy thing to do, but the process by which oil is discovered is anything but. The creation of oil is itself an amazing process – beginning with the death millions of years ago of very small plants and animals, with the organisms sinking into and mud. These remains mixed with sediment to form what’s known as source rock. And when the source rock is pressured and heated by new sedimentary layers, it distils the remains of the organisms into natural gas and crude oil. These fossil fuels then shift into what’s called reservoir…

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Mar 17 2014

Top Eight Ancient Roman Coins

There are many parallels between society today and civilization back in the times of ancient Rome. One of the most easy to grasp (literally) is the Roman’s minting and use of coins as currency. The coins, made of gold, silver, brass and copper, first began being used in the 3rd Century BC, but saw numerous changes into the era of Imperial Rome, including differences in shape and denomination. Many may assume these coins always were emblazoned with the likeness of the emperor of the day. However, it wasn’t until the reign of Julius Caesar that coins were issued bearing an…

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