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High sensitivity ultra-light weight magnetometers and UAV systems

  • Complete Turnkey UAV systems for magnetic surveys include Gradiometers, Magnetometers, Data Acquisition, Laser Altimeter, GPS and Navigation
  • New light weight Magnetometer designed for UAV applications. Sensor and Electronics < 1.0 kg
  • Highest Sensitivity for a UAV magnetometer on the marketplace.
    (.0003nT) sensitivity
  • Absolute Accuracy ( +/- .05 nT) accuracy provides the cleanest data
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Light Weight Potassium Magnetometer GEM GSMP-35U Electronics and Sensor
  GSMP-35U Electronics Box: 236mm x 56mm x 39mm and 0.46 kg
  GSMP-35U Sensor: 161mm x 64mm (external diameter) and 0.43 kg
  2.06 m cable
GEM GSMP-35UP Pre-configured for integration with PixHawk autopilot and mission navigation including onboard data acquisition GEMDAS within Electronics module
Cable length option
3 meter
4 meter
5 meter
Monarch - Fixed Wing UAV High Sensitivity Magnetic Gradiometer
  Turn-Key Solution model GEM GSMP-35UT v8.0
• Integrated gradiometer , with GPS Navigation, Terrain clearance monitoring and data acquisition system for mineral exploration.
• 1.5 hour range with 70 km/hr cruise speed
• Autonomous operation
Two (2) GSMP-35U Potassium Magnetometer sensors
• attitude sensor (for aircraft attitude determination)
• GEMDAS data acquisition and power distribution system
Navigation subsystem
• GPS Receiver with Antenna
• Integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
Ancillary devices
• Micro Laser altimeter
Data Transfer and Visualization Software
• GEMLink+ data display and communication software
• Grad Comp 32 term Post-flight magnetic compensation software
• Training on the operation of the geophysical system payload, guidance base station and remote control operation of the UAV
Base Magnetometer for diurnal corrections GSM 19W
With GPS time sync
AirBird - Turnkey Tow able Magnetometer Bird for UAV
  Turn Key Solution model GEM GSMP-35U(B)
Light weight Sensor Housing with 3meter tow cable.
GSMP 35U High Sensitivity Magnetometer
GEMDAS Data acquisition Module
Laser Altimeter
Battery complete with charger for 1 hour of system operation
GPS 0.7m resolution
RadioLink- Wireless data transfer: basestation and remote)
Ground Station Computer Associated cabling
Instruction Manual and GEMLink+ File Transfer, Diurnal Correction, Profiling and Basic Mapping & Modeling
Cable length option
3 meter
4 meter
5 meter
Components Only - (No sensor housing or tow cable)
Quadcopter or Rotorcopter UAV complete with Turnkey AirBIRD Magnetometer System

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