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Unexploded Ordnance ( UXO)

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High Precision Vertical Gradiometer for UXO

The objective of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) investigations is to determine six key parameters — including x and y position, depth, type of UXO, and inclination and declination of the UXO. Another objective is to map cultural objects such as pipes, etc. that affect decisions pertaining to UXO remediation. Magnetics plays a role in this type of work via direct detection of ferrous UXO and potentially, characterization using magnetic signatures.

The current interest in magnetic technologies for UXO is focusing on the use of single and multiple axis sensors, and integration of magnetic and electromagnetic devices. Integration of magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) sensors is or has been adopted as a standard technique by different groups, and reflects an interest in overcoming the limitations of each technique. Magnetics, for instance, works for detection and mapping of UXO due to its ferrous content but may not operable in areas of highly magnetic geology.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a one-pass system that will enable the resolution of the six parameters identified above using both magnetics and EM. The rationale is that integration of magnetics and EM (i.e. data fusion) reinforces interpretations of UXO targets. In addition, data fusion can help in developing maps suitable for regulatory agencies responsible for ensuring that the danger to the public is minimized.

Detection Test

Applying Advanced Magnetic Technologies

GEM has focused on providing UXO contractors with systems that are effective for walking surveys, vehicular surveys and integration with EM instruments. Many new developments have occurred over the past several years – providing a window of opportunity to take advantage of new technologies from a leading R&D organization.

The Overhauser  magnetometer / gradiometer is a proven instrument with sensitivity comparable to cesium systems — but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the GSM-19 comes equipped with Version 7 features, including lane guidance, automatic grid layout, Internet-based firmware upgrades, and more.

For vehicular surveys, GEM recently launched the world’s only commercial optically pumped Potassium magnetometer / gradiometer. The GSMP-35 delivers 20x per second sampling rates, 10x higher sensitivity than cesium, improved gradient tolerance, low heading error and Version 6 features described above.



GEM Non Magnetic Cart with Potassium magnetometers can be configured to hold upto 10 sensors.

GEM users are also integrating EM with magnetics for comprehensive surveys. We would be happy to consult with you on any integration requirements that can assist you in completing your UXO project work more cost effectively. You can configure all systems with GPS according to your budget and desired resolution.

Download an Overview on UXO solutions;  GEM_UXO_Overview_2016




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