Jun 29 2016

GEM announces new navigation features for GSM Magnetometers with GPS – “GRID on the FLY”

Now it is as simple as standing on the corner of your desired grid and capturing the waypoint. Walk to your other grid corner while collecting data, then Capture your destination waypoint. The system then generates a grid for you to continue surveying on. The rest of the Grid can now be surveyed with the device providing lane guidance and navigation. Contact GEM to see if your system can have the upgrade. OR contact GEM to upgrade your system to include GPS and Full Navigation with “Grid on the Fly”

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Jun 22 2016

GEM is Pleased to announce ZONGE International as new REP in the USA

GEM is pleased to announce Zonge International as our new Rep in the United States (USA). Zonge has a strong history as an  excellent manufacturer of  geophysical equipment and stellar geophysical service provider. This history and strong background will help GEM promoting and selling our high sensitivity magnetometers in the USA Zonge is a resource to exploration managers, geotechnical engineers, and independent consultants meeting client-company geophysics needs in three application arenas— exploration, environmental and geotechnical. Formerly Zonge International and Research Organization, the company changed its name to Zonge International in 2011. Zonge International teams perform hundreds of projects each year…

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