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We develop quantum magnetometers, including the Potassium system, which uses specific atomic principles to deliver precise data for even very small magnetic objects. This is a plus when surveying from drones or airborne platforms because, although the signal is reduced from height, GEM's Potassium's sensitivity, or low noise floor, means that you can see even the most subtle signals.

GEM's Potassium DRONEmag™ delivers high-resolution and high-sensitivity data with minimal weight and power consumption. The system is specifically designed for Drone Operators and Surveyors seeking a proven and small-profile solution with turnkey operation. DRONEmag™ can be deployed from a GEM-supplied platform or from your own platform.

Airborne Magnetometers and Birds include the Potassium AIRmag™ as its core system. Birds include magnetometers and gradiometers in a variety of configurations. In addition, GEM delivers three ground magnetometers based on quantum technology, including Potassium, Overhauser and Proton. Each has its own applications for Geoscience and Military use.

Stationary or monitoring magnetometers include observatory magnetometers for large-scale earth monitoring from earthquakes, etc. as well as airborne base stations.

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