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Apr 4 2014

Does Atlantis Exist?

You may know that GEM Systems’ equipment have been used to help assist modern day Indiana Joneses on exhausting archaeological digs.


But did you know that researchers have also used our equipment on a hunt for the mythical lost city of Atlantis?

Above is a rendering of the rings of Atlantis in Doñana Park, Spain that may have existed thousands of years ago. Image:

Our highly advanced magnetometers have been dispatched to the Doñana mud flats in Doñana National Park in southern Spain. There, the sensitive equipment was deployed at the survey site, with the sensors – some strapped to the backs of the field team as they headed out on foot across the mud flats – being used for several days by the team of archaeological researchers as they carefully poured over the dry mud surface for any signs of Atlantis.

The teams were using GEM’s technology in their quest to locate any archaeological structures buried underneath the soil. With our equipment giving them an exacting measurement of the magnetic field at the site, the resulting data was fed into their computers and analysed alongside a density and conductivity graph.

The researchers used this visualization to look for any anomalies in the magnetic field, a process done with the assistance of traditional satellite imaging. Magnetic anomalies would strongly suggest the presence of under-surface structures possibly forming the long-sought-after mythical city. The results were so detailed that archaeologists at the site concluded they possibly indicated signatures of walls in the mysterious civilization.

They were looking for ancient artifacts that were buried in the soil, with accompanying organic material from Atlantis transforming over the course of centuries through decomposition, which would turn it into methane gas. GEM tools were also used by the Atlantis field team to trace the location of this gas, as gas (and oil) buried beneath the surface can also interfere with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

This process flagged an area in Doñana that was 160 metres long and 12 meters deep. The team then grabbed some more old-fashioned tools and began carefully chipping away into the surface in their quest for Atlantis.

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