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Technical Support and Service

An Essential Part of Your GEM Equation

When you purchase GEM magnetometers and gradiometers, you also receive a committed support policy. GEM offers a variety of services to ensure that any issues you may have are resolved quickly, and that regular and unplanned maintenance needs are met professionally and promptly.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Technical support
  • Pre-field maintenance
  • Warranted repairs
  • Non-warranted repairs
  • System upgrades
  • Internet updates

Technical Support – At Your Service via Email, Phone or Fax

Experience shows that as many as 40% of geophysical instrument or procedural issues can be resolved via phone, email or fax contacts.

When contacting us, please be aware that office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time from Mondays to Fridays. Our technical support staff pride themselves on their response times in helping you get up and running again as quickly as possible.

Contact information is as follows:


Phone: 905-752-2202
Fax: 905-752-2205
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Pre-Field Maintenance

Pre-field maintenance is a popular option for many of our users. Maintenance comprises a complete check of sensor(s), hardware and firmware and upgrading to latest software versions to take advantage of new capabilities.

Typically, we recommend pre-field maintenance as a good investment for users who have not used their instruments for over 6 months or for older instruments. A quick pre-field maintenance check can also translate into significant savings in the course of a field program when downtime is added into the equation.

Instruction Manuals

Existing users can obtain manuals on request in PDF format. To request your copy, click here.

Download GEMLink for Windows

Current and previous versions can be found on this page.

USB Driver Upgrade

The new USB Driver Upgrades can be found on this page.

Warranted Repairs

GEM has comprehensive warranty. Three-year warranty on parts and labour (excluding shipping costs) includes three years of software upgrades for GEMLink + software.

Non-Warranted Repairs

As with any high precision scientific instrument, accidental damage can occur at any time. Our technicians pride themselves on their turnaround times – proven with customers around the world over our more than quarter century of operations.

System Upgrades

Another support option in which you may be interested are system upgrades, such as:

  • Upgrading a v6.0 Overhauser/Proton precession magnetometer to a v7.0 system. This enables you to take advantage of new features such as programmable base stations, faster download times, etc.
  • Upgrading a Proton precession system to an Overhauser magnetometer. This enables you to take advantage of the higher resolution, lower power consumption and other GSM-19 features.
  • Enhancing an existing magnetometer such as a slow-cycling Overhauser system to a fast-cycling walking system. This enables you to more effectively automate your surveys and obtain additional data for highly detailed surveys.
  • Upgrading to a Unit with internal GPS.

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Internet Updates

GEMLink software enables you to receive the latest firmware updates via the Internet.



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