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GEM designs and develops Overhauser, Optically Pumped Potassium and Proton Precession systems. These systems are offered in various models for different applications. For a quick overview of geophysical equipment, please see below. For details, access the Applications or Products menu items accessible through the menus.


Overhauser Magnetometers and Gradiometers (Ground & Stationary)

Overhauser magnetometers take advantage of key phenomena –the ability to use radio frequencies (RF) signals to excite both protons and electrons contained in a mixture of proton-rich solvent and electron-rich free radicals, and the fact that electrons can be induced to add their net (higher) energy to that of protons. Overhauser geophysical equipment delivers high sensitivity (15 pT / Hz @ 1 sample /second), no heading error and lightweight operation.

Potassium Magnetometers and Gradiometers (Ground & Stationary)

The optically pumped magnetometer takes advantage of key phenomena, namely, the use of narrow spectra Potassium and light modulation physics for magnetic measurements. GEM is the sole manufacturer of K-Mag geophysical equipment. Ultra-high sensitivity (3.5 pT / Hz @ 1 sample /second)and sampling speeds make the K-Mag an effective geophysical instrument for surveys requiring high detail as well as vehiclular surveys.

Potassium Magnetometers and Gradiometers (Airborne)

The GSMP-30A airborne magnetic sensor is based on a unique optically pumped Potassium technology – a technology that offers an order-of magnitude increase in sensitivity (1.5 pT / Hz @ 1 sample /second) over other types of optically pumped magnetometer systems. It also provides reduced “heading” errors, highest absolute accuracy and decreased maintenance costs.

Proton Precession Magnetometers and Gradiometers (Ground & Stationary)

Proton Precession magnetometers use DC currents and magnetic fields to polarize protons in a proton-rich liquid, and then measure their precession frequency. GEM offers the most advanced Proton Precession magnetometers available with a sensitivity of 200 pT / Hz @ 1 sample /second. Research and Development, and the release of the v7.0 version have led to geophysical instruments that deliver high quality data combined with the classic value of a standard Proton Precession system.

Scalar Magnetometers (Stationary)

The GSM-90 EUROMAG is a scalar geophysical instrument of high absolute accuracy (0.2nT) and low long term drift (0.05nT / year). It is optimized for use in magnetic observatories, long term monitoring arrays in volcanology, etc.

SuperGrad (Stationary)

This special gradiometer is a system based on the Optically Pumped Potassium (i.e. K-Mag) instrument – a unique technology that was developed in response to the United States Geological Survey’s need for an ultra-high sensitivity magnetic gradiometer. The GSMP-20S3 SuperGrad gradiometer is currently in use for earthquake research in Israel and Canada.

Vector Magnetometer (Stationary)

The delta Inclination delta Declination (dIdD) is a vector magnetometer offering monitoring of the inclination and declination as well as total intensity of the earth magnetic field. The Suspended dIdD instrument is the total field magnetometer / gradiometer of choice for customers who require minimal drift, simplified observatory setup, minimized ongoing system calibrations, and continuous, stable measurement.

Accessories for Magnetometers and Gradiometers

GEM magnetometer and gradiometer accessories are high quality add-ons that enhance system capabilities or upgrade system components with the latest technologies. Available accessories include:

  • Batteries and chargers
  • Cables
  • GPS adaptor kits
  • Sensors
  • Spare boards
  • Spare parts kits
  • VLF sensors and attachments

Users may also be interested in magnetometer carts to enable high productivity ground and vehicular surveys. GEM can also assist in design and integration of vehicular platforms for snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles (ATVs), etc.



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