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Advancing Magnetic Technologies

Keeping Ahead of the Times

The main difference between GEM and other manufacturers is that our company’s focus and dedication to developing advanced magnetic technologies led to many innovations in:

  • Sensor Technology
  • Signal Processing
  • Firmware and Software
  • Hardware and Console Design
  • Custom Systems

GEM continues to work in these areas in the knowledge that our customers benefit significantly via improved survey efficiency, higher quality magnetic and gradiometric data.

Sensor Technology

A main difference between GEM and others is the company’s proprietary sensors. The unique Overhauser sensor, for instance, is the result of basic R&D into the chemistry of free radicals – the electron-rich fluids that enhance proton precession effects and improve sensitivities by an order of magnitude.

GEM continues to develop new technologies, including a potassium sensor, the first and only proven commercial version in the world. Another example includes the Vector Magnetometer sensor for magnetic observatory installations.

Advanced Signal Counting

A basic goal in geophysical instrumentation design is to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio through various techniques, including signal counting. Research led to the development of GEM’s own signal counter which is incorporated in many systems and enhanced since its inception. GEM’s engineers continue to focus on this matter as one of the company’s areas of expertise.

Firmware and Software

Firmware design was enhanced with implementation of the RISC processor featured in all v6.0 products. GEM’s engineers develop and implement novel algorithms for counting zero crossings (for conversion into Larmor frequency and magnetic intensity) that lead to exceptional sensitivity, accuracy and precision. Software development keeps our engineers busy too!

Hardware and Console Design

Hardware and console instrumentation bring GEM’s sensor, signal processing, firmware and software expertise to reality. From integrated circuit design to final packaging and testing of systems for field worthiness, GEM’s engineers deliver products that truly excel.

Below we see a SuperGrad gradiometer system created for the United States Geological Survey with the latest version console – met the highest sensitivity requirements (0.000001 nT)!

Custom Systems

Throughout the years, GEM has been an early pioneer in magnetometer and gradiometer development and implementation. From early days to the present as a manufacturer of ground and airborne geophysical systems GEM has responded to customers’ needs through ongoing instrumentation research and development.

This commitment continues. We welcome your inquiries into creating solutions that can meet your needs for today and tomorrow.



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