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Unexploded ordnance or UXO are potentially dangerous munitions of all sizes that remain buried in the earth from wars - even to this day. GEM's UXO solutions address the requirement of finding UXO through ground and airborne surveying to clear ground for safe civilian use.

UXO magnetometer surveys can be configurated with both individual sensors and multiple sensors. Individual sensors available from GEM include the lightweight DRONEmag™ as well as rugged and proven Potassium sensors integrated into our Potassium (K) ground systems, including the K-Mag.

GEM's sensors and systems can be combined in gradiometer configurations to record mappable differences that focus specifically on shallow depths of investigation. They are effectively "tuned" to the near surface in which many UXO are located.

Experience in both the air and ground shows that GEM's Potassium sensors are particularly suited to UXO investigations as they have the highest sensitivity of any quantum magnetometer available globally. Sensitivity is a key requirement for UXO investigations because targets can be small and a sensitive system is required to resolve these subtle signals for analysis, modeling and/or removal of UXO.

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