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Potassium Airborne Magnetometer / Gradiometer Systems  and  Airborne VLF-EM System

  • New Complete Turnkey Systems for Helicopter Bird or Fixed-wing systems Magnetometer, up to 4 Sensors Gradiometer with Radar altimeter, GPS 20Hz and Data Acquisition System.
  • Designed for Airborne work, the optically pumped GSMP-35A is the most Sensitive Magnetometer for Airborne Applications
  • New Smaller and Lighter Sensor: 112mm x 64mm (cylinder type); 0.9 kg Electronics Box: 229mm x 56mm x 39mm; 0.63 kg
  • Highest Sensitivity in a Commercial Airborne Magnetometer (0.0003 nT) for Detection of even the most Subtle Targets
  • Sampling Rates up to 100 Hz for Maximum Survey Density
  • Highest Absolute Accuracy, Cleanest Data no need of filtering
  • Fixed-wing Configurations availalble
  • Secured Internal Memory to store up to 3,000,000 Readings
  • RS-232 & Larmor Frequency Output
  • VLF-EM Option This technology can delineate contrasts in conductivity at depth and is used in the search for contacts, faults, mineralized bodies, overburden, fractures, voids and for a variety of other purposes, including the location of utility lines and sighting of water wells. Now with new software for Resistivity plotting.


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Airborne VLF-EM System

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GSMP-35A Electronics' and Sensor Only for Fixed wing or Helicopter
  GSMP-35A v7.0 Electronics'Box
  Sensor 70mm-cell with 2.5m Cables
Helicopter Complete Turnkey System (aircraft not included)
  BIRD with 100 ft. Cable and Fittings including: 1 Tow Cable, 100 ft. (jacketed) 1 Set of Fittings - hook w/ Weak Link, Cross-Joint, Pick-Up Points & Strand Rope (Dyneema)
  Radar Altimeter (TRA 3500 ) with Housing Mechanics, Cable & Instruction Manual
  GPS Option D: 20 Hz with
  0.6 m resolution, built-in with SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS)
0.6 m resolution, built-in with CDGPS (Canada, USA, Mexico)
0.7 m resolution, built-in with OmniSTAR VBS2 Subscription
  GSMP-35A v7.0 Electronic's Box
  Sensor/s 70mm-cell with 2.5m Cables
  GEM DAS (Data Acquisition Software) with Solid State Notebook or equivalent.

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VLF-EM Airborne Option (GSM-90AV)

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