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Student Essay Awards in Magnetics

Magnetic methods are often one of the first study areas in geophysics due to:

  • Role as one of the earliest and best-known geophysical methods.
  • Wide variety of principles that can be learned through magnetics
  • Effectiveness for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration, groundwater, near surface characterization, research in solid earth tectonophysics, and more.
  • Continuing interest in integrating data from independent sources into multi-disciplinary interpretations.

With these thoughts in mind, we invited students from universities, colleges and technical schools to participate in the Student Essay Awards in Magnetics.

Three (3) financial / software recipients were selected by an internationally acclaimed panel of teaching professionals.

Essay Award Program Objectives

The aims of the Student Essay Awards in Magnetics were to:

  • Encourage understanding of magnetic methods in the earth sciences
  • Assist students with financial and non-financial support


1. Financial and Non-Financial Awards

GEM and the other sponsors of the award program would like to congratulate the following students for their submissions:

  • Jozsef Garai – US$ 1,250
  • Hernan Ugalde – US$ 1,000
  • Chris Clark – US$ 500

Each of the top three essayists also received a one-year license of Profile Analyst – Encom’s expert geophysical analysis tool for potential field and other data.

In addition, there were three runner-up prizes comprising a copy of Richard J. Blakely’s text, “Potential Theory in Gravity & Magnetic Applications” awarded to the following recipients:

  • Sigrid Hermetsburger
  • Arie Sheinker
  • Petya Trifanova

2. Winning Essay Award Program Entries

Following is a list of winning essays.


3. Thanks to All Involved

The essay competition was a unique experience that generated a variety of very polished and high-quality papers. The organizers would like to extend a special thank-you to the participants, judges and sponsors who made this event possible.

Entries were judged by an independent group of reviewers, comprising well known, international experts in the fields of magnetics and potential field methods. Judges included:

The following donated funds for awards and / or software to facilitate the Essay Awards in Magnetics:




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