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GEM Software-Adding Value to Your System Each Step of the Way

As part of its complete solution approach, GEM is pleased to offer its customers a selection of proven software packages from GEM and 3rd party developers. These packages let you take data from the field and quality control stage right through to final map preparation and modeling.

This page shows GEM software and a freeware modeling program. To see more information on 3rd party software, click here.

GEMLinkplus-Your Solution in the Office or Field

This nWindows version of GEM’s robust data transfer software is supplied with each instrument freely and via the web site, and offers customers an increase in data transfer efficiency to 115 kB and other benefits.

The recent version now includes Personal Computer-based data reduction. Data from base station and field units that have already been dumped (even erased from memory) can now be corrected from a central location via PC.

This capability eliminates the need to physically link together field and base station units – saving time in the field. It also permits data integration using e-mail to send base and field data files to a central PC for easier and more up-to-date corrections.

GEMLinkplus also merges magnetometer and DGPS Data. The merging utility overwrites or appends the positioning data obtained from a field magnetometer’s memory with DGPS coordinates from GPS post-processing software (such as GrafNav from Waypoint Consulting). The main benefit lies in an easy-to-use merging process that maximizes the positioning accuracy of DGPS-acquired results.

Another unique feature of GEMLinkplus is access to Internet upgrades. GEM periodically releases software upgrades that add new functionality to existing magnetometer and base station units. With the upgrade utility, users can migrate their existing systems to the latest version from either the field or office to take advantage of the latest capabilities. This saves significant time and cost since the instrumentation does not have to be returned to GEM for upgrading.

In the v6.0 release of firmware for QuickTracker™, Overhauser and SuperSenser™, GEM added integrated GPS positioning with the capability of entering up to 1000 way points prior to field implementation. This means that you can pre-plan surveys, minimize positioning errors and save time in the field. The GEMLinkW software provides a Personal Computer-based interface for loading navigation way points directly into field units — simplifying the implementation of GPS positioning for ground surveys.

To access your copy of GEMLinkplus, click here.

Pblock-Simple Magnetic Modeling

Pblock provides a simple graphical modeling routine for magnetic and gravity data. Courtesy of Geophysical Software Solutions and TGT Consulting. To download, click here.

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