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Welcome to the GEM News Archives. This section describes the latest advances in magnetics from GEM, our agents and most importantly, our customers.

Some of the topics you will find listed here include technical notes, newsletters, customer announcements and case histories.

What's New from GEM

** PDAC ** 35th Anniversary Special

Meet Meet our Team at Booth # 802 March 6 - 9th, 2016 to obtain a 5% Discount on your next order and receive Free Global Shipping (Off...

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Visit GEM at PDAC 2017 for 5% off your next order!

Our team will be at PDAC Mining Convention in Toronto from March 5th to March 8th, and we welcome you to visit us at our Booth.

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2016 Holiday schedule - Closed from Dec 24, 2016 until Jan 2, 2017

GEM System Christmas Holiday Schedule:

Closed from Saturday Dec 24, 2016 until Monday Jan 2, 2017.
Office reopens on Tuesday Jan 3, 2017

Note: and will be monitored throughout the holiday.

GEM Presented UAV technical innovation at EAGE Barcelona Sept 2016

Robert Gordon recently presented "Innovations in Geoscience, UAVS for rapid Magnetic mapping" at the EAGE Conference in Barcelona.

Visit our "Presentations" page to view the presentation.

Alta Vista Ventures to buy Pioneer Exploration Consultants UAV Division

 VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2016 / Alta Vista Ventures (AVV-CSE) announces the signing of a Binding Letter of Intent to purchase a 100% interest in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) division of Pioneer Exploration Consultants Ltd ("Pioneer").

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GEM announces new navigation features for GSM Magnetometers with GPS - "GRID on the FLY"

Now it is as simple as standing on the corner of your desired grid and capturing the waypoint. Walk to your other grid corner while collecting data, then Capture your destination waypoint.

The system then generates a grid for you to continue surveying on. The rest of the Grid can now be surveyed with the device providing lane guidance and navigation.



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GEM is Pleased to announce ZONGE International as new REP in the USA

GEM is pleased to announce Zonge International as our new Rep in the United States (USA). Zonge has a strong history as an  excellent manufacturer of  geophysical equipment and stellar geophysical service provider. This history and strong background will help GEM promoting and selling our high sensi...

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GEM Systems exhibited at Expomin 2016, Santiago, Chile, April 25 - 29

GEM Systems exhibited at Expomin 2016, Santiago, Chile, April 25 - 29

GEM Systems exhibited at the XI Conferencia Internacional de Minería, Chihuahua, Mexico, April 13-15

GEM Systems exhibited at the XI Conferencia Internacional de Minería, Chihuahua, Mexico, April 13-15.

GEM Systems presented 2 papers in the Technical Program at SAGEEP 2016 in Denver, Colorado, March 20 - 24

GEM Systems presented a paper in the Drones in Geophysics session on March 21st  and another in the Electromagnetics and Magnetotellurics session on March 22nd.

The Drones in Geophysics paper deals with Unmanned air vehicles in Earth Science (advanced multi-sensor magnetic gradiometer applications) and the paper for the Electromagnetics and Magnetotellurics session ...

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GEM Systems is exhibiting at the Geophysics Society of Germany (DGG) annual meeting in Munster, 14 - 17-March

GEM Systems is exhibiting at the Geophysics Society of Germany (DGG) annual meeting, held together with the AEF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Extraterrestrische Forschung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft), hosted by the Institute for Geophysics at the University of Münster, 14 - 17-March.  At this conference more than 300 talks and poster on newest research and developments in Scie...

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GEM will be in Athens, Greece!

Come visit GEM at the EAGE Near Surface Geoscience Exhibition in Athens, Greece!

Newsletter - Summer 2014

GEM's Summer 2014 Newsletter

GEM will be in Amsterdam!

GEM is exhibiting at the 76th EAGE Exhibition and Conference!

Looking for Reps in the USA!

GEM is looking for experienced geophysical equipment suppliers in the USA!

GEM will be in Austin, Texas!

Come visit GEM at booth #411 at the SAA Annual Meeting!

GEM will be in Santiago, Chile!

GEM will be exhibiting at Expomin in Santiago, Chile!

Christmas Holidays 2013

GEM's Christmas Holiday Announcement

New Technical Papers!!

New Technical Papers are available for download on the GEM website

Visit GEM at SEG's 83rd Annual Meeting!

SEG Announcement

Thank-You for Visiting us at ASEG-PESA 2013!

Thank-you for visitng GEM & ModernMag at the ASEG-PESA Conference & Exhbition!

Visit GEM in Melbourne, Australia!

Visit GEM in Melbourne, Australia! (ASEG-PESA 2013)

NEW Quantum Newsletter - Summer 2013

GEM's Quarterly Quantum Newsletter - Summer 2013

Visit GEM in London, England!

GEM's booth, Products, and Contests!

What System is Right for My Application?

View a summary of technologies available for specific types of projects as well as teaching & research.

What are GEM's Sensitivity Criteria?

GEM ensures that its magnetometers meet the highest sensitivity standards. Find out how each system compares.

July 2003 Newsletter from Alpha

View the latest information from Alpha GeoInstruments, a distributor of GEM products in Australia.

How Can I Use My GPS Most Effectively?

Request your copy of GEM's latest technical note on working with GEM's GPS lane navigation and positioning functionality.

Proton - "Latest Technology, Classic Value"

New white paper illustrates the benefits for value-oriented earth science professionals and institutions. Ensure that you are obtaining the maximum value from your proton system with the industry's most up-to-date precession instrument.

Overhauser - "In a Class of Your Own"

Overhauser uses radio frequency polarization to deliver high sensitivity data with no heading error. In addition to being the choice of data end-users and interpreters, the GSM-19 is also the choice of operators due to its simplicity, minimal weight & power consumption, and GPS positioning. "Clean" data, survey efficiency, and affordability will quickly confirm that you are in ...

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"K-Mag" Technology - "For Sensitive Users"

  • GEM recently launched the industry's most sensitive optically pumped instrument with 5x more gradient tolerance. For GSMP-40 specifications, click here.
  • SAGEEP Conference paper details Near Surface and Vehicular applications of Optically Pumped Potassium - in environmental, e...

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    New "Baby" for Magnetic Observatories

    GEM is pleased to announce a new arrival. Nicknamed the "baby" dIdD for its compact size, the Suspended dIdD is a drift-free vector magnetometer developed with the Eotvos Lorand Institute & Tihany Observatory (Hungary) and the United States Geological Survey. The new dIdD eliminates the need for fluxgate devices. See pictures of the new "baby" here.

    British Geologic Survey Updates Systems

    The BGS has updated its magnetic observatory systems with a new magnetic data acquisition package. The result of almost two decades of development, GDAS incorporates GEM's GSM-90 Overhauser magnetometer as its standard for long-term, drift-free total field measurement.

    Potassium Airborne - "Taking to the Air"

    GEM led the industry in the early 80's with the first helicopter-borne four-sensor gradiometer. Today, the addition of Potassium sensors is attracting attention for professionals seeking very high sensitivity surveys with low heading error.

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