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Proton Precession Magnetometer/Gradiometer

The GSM-19T is an enhanced proton precession magnetometer

Equipped with on-board memory and large LCD graphics display capable of up to 0.5 sec cycling intervals. You’ll get premium performance, a strong warranty, and a rugged field-tested unit at a very attractive price. You’ll benefit.

  • Reliability
  • Robustness
  • High quality data and results
  • Integrated navigation with GPS
  • Superior Sensitivity 0.15 nT @ 1 Hz
  • Most advanced Proton Magnetometer
  • Integrated with VLF-EM option
  • Unique technology
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Magnetometer or Gradiometer

  Magnetometer Gradiometer
  Add a basestation

Type of Magnetometer/Gradiometer

  Walking (GSM-19TW Continuous)
  Mobile (GSM-19T Discrete)
  Base Station (GSM-19TW)

Global Positioning System (GPS)

  Option A GPS Time Reception Only
  Option B GPS & SBAS
      0.7 m SBAS
1.5 m Single Point
  Option C Enhanced GPS (GPS & SBAS & Glonass)
      0.6 m SBAS resolution
1.5 m Single Point

*Consult GEM for Galileo & Beidou availability.

VLF-EM Option

  Yes No

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