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GEM’s approach is to provide reliable, robust systems and options that deliver an ideal solution based on your:

What are Our Ground, Airborne and Stationary Application Solutions?

Are you performing a ground exploration survey in the steaming jungles of South America or Asia; the heat of Africa or Australia, or the extreme cold of an Arctic winter? Executing a high-productivity UXO survey in the USA or Europe? Or, performing an archeological survey in the Middle East? Our customers around the world rely on Overhauser, Optically Pumped Potassium and QuickTracker™ Proton Precession systems.

For airborne applications, the main system is our Potassium SuperSenser™ which can be used as either a base station or mobile unit. The Overhauser system is also used as a base station.

Today’s network of global magnetic observatories rely on GEM’s Overhauser and dIdD™ systems. Other systems, including the SuperGrad™ – developed in response to the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) requirement for an ultra-high sensitivity gradiometer – are available for earthquake hazard research.

What Sensitivities and Sampling Capabilities Do We Offer?

Sensitivity and sampling are important in terms of the type of work you are doing and your ability to complete the work effectively. GEM offers the most comprehensive range of sensitivities and sampling rates in the industry. For an overview, click here.

How Do We Help Protect Your Investment?

Geophysical instrumentation is an investment that must not only pay in the short term, but also continue to maintain its value over time.

At GEM, we pride ourselves on offering the largest and most technically up-to-date set of core capabilities available. Extended options also enable you to build on your solution or update an existing solution in future. Backed by proven maintenance and the longest warranty in the business, we also stand by our products and their day-to-day reliability in the field.

What Capabilities & Options Do We Offer?

We look forward to helping you select the system and options to best suit your needs – for today and tomorrow. The following resources can help you in quickly matching your needs to the instrumentation solutions offered by GEM.

  • Application Configurator. To see a summary of sensitivities, recommended solutions and other details, click here.
  • Core Capabilities. To compare capabilities of GEM’s main systems, click here.
  • Summary of Options. To learn more about options, click here.
  • Integrated GPS. For details on GPS, click here.

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