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GEMLinkW Updates. Profile Plotting and Simple Forward Modeling

GEMLinkW Updates. Profile Plotting and Basic Forward Modeling for Result-Oriented Professionals

GEMLinkW, has been upgraded with a variety of new features to enable easier visualization of results and deliver basic forward modeling. Key enhancements include profile plotting, two-profile display, multiple profile display, profile and data linking, other profile plotting options (scrolling, etc.), coordinate conversions, and simple forward modeling.

Profile Plotting

As shown in the following image, users can now display single or multiple plots in a Profile Window. Selection of plotted data is controlled through the Data Window at the top of the display. The Data Window shows the first line of data in the file and is used to select profiles for plotting. Plotting statistics are displayed in the area below the Data Window.

Two Profile Display

GEMLinkW enables you to display two profiles in different colours (ex. total field and gradient) in the Profile window. To set up this kind of plot:

  • Display the gradient data (column 5 in the Data Window)
  • Set the scaling (Scroll Bar to the left of Profile Window) and move the plot to the vertical position (Shift + Scroll Bar) in which you want it to appear
  • Right click in the Data Window in the total field data column. The total field data is added.

Some quick experimentation is required because any change to the Profile Window (i.e. rescaling it) causes only the Active Plot to be displayed (i.e. you will then have to re-position the second plot that you want to display).

Multiple Profile Display

As shown below, you can also display multiple profiles (up to 9) in the Profile Window. Remember that the Active Plot is the last one displayed and the scales in the window correspond to this data.

Add data in sequence by right-clicking on the data that you want to display in the Data Window. You can also change colours by right-clicking one or more times.

Profile and Data Linking

Data in a text file can be easily linked to a Profile Plot. This enables detailed examination of data values shown in the Profile Window.

To use the data linking capability:

  • Open the text file in the normal way using GEMLinkW.
  • Display the Profile Window and examine the data.
  • When you find data that you would like to inspect in more detail, press Shift and Right-Click at the same time. The text file re-displays the data showing the value that you have selected.

Other Profile Plotting Options and Controls

A variety of other controls are also provided. For more information, please refer to the GEMLinkW help file.

Coordinate Conversions

The Coordinate Conversion utility is intended to convert the coordinate system of the data contained in a file. The supported coordinate systems are geodetic (latitude and longitude) and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).

Conversion to a different datum is also supported and it is calculated using the Standard Molodensky transform.

The utility creates a new file with the converted coordinates. Optionally, the file may contain both the original and the converted coordinates.

Simple Forward Modeling

GEM has integrated simple block and dyke modeling into GEMLinkW through the GEMLinkW Tools option. This approach integrates the freeware from Geophysical Software Solutions and is intended to provide our users with additional simple capabilities for working with data in the field or office.

Note that the block modeling does not accept actual GEM data but rather creates working models for interpretation based on a variety of input parameters. For more information, click here.

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