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Longest Warranty

Leading with the Longest Warranty Available

GEM Systems Inc. has a reputation for delivering the most reliable magnetometers and gradiometers in the industry. We also support our reputation by the longest warranty available.

All GEM Overhauser, Potassium, and Proton Precession magnetometers and gradiometers, excluding batteries, are guaranteed for replacement of defective parts and labor for three years from shipping date. (Shipping costs are not included.)

Please note that any unauthorized opening of the sensor or console without written consent of GEM Systems, Inc. will void the warranty.

Passing GPS Technology Savings to Our Customers

GEM Systems, Inc. delivers a range of GPS and DGPS systems that enable customers to perform magnetic surveys with a variety of positioning accuracies, according to their application needs and budgets.

We are also proud to be the only commercial magnetometer manufacturer to offer built-in GPS / DGPS. The advantages of this approach include a truly seamless and integrated positioning solution that minimizes weight and simplifies survey procedures.

Recent technology savings (i.e. reductions in GPS board costs from our commercial suppliers) have enabled us to reduce the costs of integrated systems by up to 25% or more.

The Last Word – Comments from Our Customers

“I completed a ground magnetic survey in the Namib desert earlier this year with a hired GEM GSM-19 Overhauser walking magnetometer in temperatures exceeding 52 degrees centigrade with no problems. It is user friendly and can take a punch.”


“The GSM-19 kept working even though it was bitterly cold – it was just nasty weather with very high winds … typical for Greenland in September.”

Bil Thuma
Plus-Ultra Geophysics

” Thank you for sending the new GSM-19 Overhauser system manual. It is quite an improvement over the older version, and I have been able to figure the lane guidance feature out.”

Robert B.
Murray Geologist
Lost River Mining

“We selected the GSM-90 Overhauser magnetometer, which is microprocessor based with full remote control capability. The results of measurements are made available in serial form for collection by data acquisition systems. Their characteristics turned out to be particularly suitable for continuous measurements in harsh environmental conditions such as we experience on Mt. Etna.”

Dr. Ciro del Negro

Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)

“The GSM-19 is effective for observatory applications because of its high sampling rate (1 sample per second) and long-term monitoring stability”.

Mr. Leroy Pankratz
Geophysicist and Observatory Operations Task Leader
United States Geological Survey

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