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New Gravity Modeling Freeware from Geophysical Software Solutions

New Potential Field Modeling Freeware From Geophysical Software Solutions

Teaching and survey professionals alike may be interested in two new handy, quick modeling software programs from Geophysical Software Solutions of Canberra, Australia. Designed by Principal, Richard Almond and David Isles, an educationalist in Perth, the freeware includes:

  • Pblock, (204 Kb) calculates the magnetic or gravity effect of a rectangular prism
  • Pdyke, (204 Kb) an enhanced version that also calculates the effect of a dipping 2-D prism

In the image below, we see an example of Pdyke showing the anomaly associated with a magnetic dyke dippng at 45 degrees.

The model is generated automatically by entering values in the dialog box shown below.

For students, these programs provide an easy way of getting a “feel” for magnetic field responses. As well, professionals can model simple anomalies rapidly in the field as a means of checking geological hypothesis, or in the office prior to doing more detailed interpretations with other packages offered by Geophysical Software Solutions. To access your version of the freeware, click here.

Both Pblock and Pdyke are bundled with GEM’s magnetometer offerings as a value-added service to our clientele. They are accessible from a special “Modeling” menu in the GEMLinkW program.

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