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Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Professional Practice

During their academic careers, today’s earth science students must acquire the skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of professional practice … independent thinking; effective data acquisition, processing and interpretation; and ability to deal with changing technologies.

At GEM, we take pride in partnering with educational institutions to stimulate learning by providing access to magnetic technologies. The University of Montana, for example, has implemented a unique self-study program that is benefiting its students and geosciences department through greater learning retention and increasing enrollments.

A foundation of geoscience curricula worldwide, magnetics enables students to exercise creativity in the field while acquiring hands-on experience in data acquisition. As well, it is a proven technique for addressing many earth science problems in resource exploration, environmental and engineering studies, UXO detection, archeology, volcanology, earthquake hazard studies and observatory research.

To help learning institutions acquire the latest technologies and prepare students for their careers, we offer accredited academic groups a complimentary upgrade of our industry-leading warranty from two-years to three-years. And, as well as quality, we also offer the most comprehensive line of technologies available.

For groups who want to combine advanced research with student training on industry-standard technologies, we deliver the GSM-19 instrument – the world’s only commercially available Overhauser magnetometer. Our highest sensitivity model is the GSMP-40 Potassium magnetometer / gradiometer, and the GSM-19T is the lowest priced, yet most-advanced Proton Precession system available.

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Wishing you well in your teaching and research endeavors.

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