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Quantum V10

March 07

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TOPAirborne Developments

Complete Airborne Systems

This is our new family of Birds for airborne exploration with the latest in technology based on a unique optically pumped Potassium vapour that increases magnetic measuring sensitivity over conventional technologies.

Increased sensitivity (0.0007 nT), combined with high sampling rates (20 readings per second), enables more detailed mapping of geologic structure, lithology and geophysical anomalies related to the occurrence of gold, base metal, platinum group metals (PGMs) and diamonds. With the following advantages:

  • High definition range of multi sensors configurations (Magnetometer, Vertical Gradient or Tri-Axial Magnetic Gradiometer)
  • TRA series Radar Altimeter
  • 20 Hz DGPS with SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) and OmniStar (Subscription not included
  • GEM Data Acquisition Software with real time Data and altitude display
  • All Weather Highest sub-pico Tesla Sensitivity Airborne Solutions.pdf

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Airborne – NEW GSMP-35A Sensor

GEM Systems adopted potassium magnetometer Model GSMP-35A to work in strong EM pulsed field in the vicinity of the EM loops. SkyTEM of Denmark and Novatem acquired potassium magnetometerswith this feature for their helicopter borne EM surveys and are now successfully surveying in Canada and Europe. Spec.pdf

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Ground Developments

As ground magnetics is one of the most-frequently employed and effective geophysical methods applied to mineral exploration, GEM continues to implement new strategies for enhancing measuring techniques and results.

Basic R&D has led to the development of a new generation of GPS functionality, designed to assist exploration groups and contractors acquire, high-quality magnetic results through better positioning control, reduction of surveying (i.e. picketing) costs and enhanced survey efficiencies.


Ground Developments-NEW OmniStar/CDGPS

GEM Systems offers newly created built-in option OmniStar with CDGPS for their portable and airborne magnetometers, called GPS Option D.

With the new functionality all GEM’s ground systems, such as the industry standard Overhauser magnetometer / gradiometer, proton precession and optically pumped Potassium ground systems, are beneficiated because CDGPS has many advantages over other existing wide area correction systems. Most importantly, it delivers superior correction signal penetration, high accuracy and high resolution differential GPS corrections that are critical to many dynamic positioning applications. In addition, there is no subscription cost for users of this service. These features make CDGPS an ideal sub-meter positioning system for a wide range of applications. On top of that it delivers a true position 20 times per second so at any speed the magnetometer is sampling it will always have the real position. Brochure.pdf

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CDGPS (Canadian Differential Global positioning System) only works in Canada, with a resolution of .7 meters. OmniStar (Subscription or License NOT included) with a resolution up to 20cm.


Ground Developments-Backpack Mounted Potassium Magnetometer/Gradiometer

GEM is releasing a new version of its GSMP-35 optically pumped Potassium magnetometer (K-Mag) designed to provide backpack-based, hands-free operation while acquiring high sensitivity ground-based magnetics data. The system eliminates the use of supporting sensor poles (with the backpack), thereby providing convenience and greater efficiency during survey operations.

The new K-Mag technology also delivers sensitivity and high sampling (20 times / second) for mapping of subtle geologic signals. The system’s high gradient tolerance and higher range of measurement (up to 3 Gauss, optional) is especially useful for exploring in areas with iron formations, magnetite outcrops, and other similar targets.

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Archaeology-Updated with new Discoveries

Enclosed please find the link for a book Named “Magnetic Survey for Archeology 10 years of Using The Overhauser GSM-19 Gradiometer” where Tatyana N. Smekolava take you in a journey of the practical aspects of the magnetic surveys for the investigation of various archeological sites.

Archaeologists will definitely have an interest in this new work produced by researchers in Denmark over the last 10 years. The book begins with an overview of methods of magnetic surveying followed by a description of magnetometers. The remainder of the book provides case histories from many sites across Africa, the Middle East and Europe but general lessons may also be applicable to other investigations in other parts of the world

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GEM on the road, Upcoming Exhibitions

GEM invites all Geophysics and Engineering users to visit our booth at the: 20th SAGEEP (Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems)
April 1-5, Marriot City Center, Denver, Colorado.

GEM invites all of its archaeological users to visit their booth at the 2007 Annual Meeting, Society for American Archaeology (SAA) between April 25-29 in Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. This is a rich and diverse conference with more than 3000 attendees.


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