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TOPGEM has released ground and airborne potassium magnetometers with the highest sensitivity worldwide

As the core of GEM’s airborne solutions, the GSMP-35A has improved its sensitivity to 0.0003 nT @ 1Hz (previously 0.0005), making it the highest sensitivity potassium magneometer in the world. The sensitivity is the highest in all weather conditions, which enables enhanced resolution of geological and cultural features in a variety of applications.

For ground applications where data quality, cost control, and ruggedness are the keys for project success, GEM’s GSMP-35 also has the highest sensitivity in the world at 0.0003 nT @ 1Hz. Along with these new specifications, the potassium instrument has a high emphasis on cost which features the industry’s most versatile precise navigation etchnology, high capacity memory, and rugged console configuration.

Along with the highest sensitivity on the GSMP-35A and GSMP-35, GEM’s GSMP-20GM3 SuperGrad also has improved sensitivity, measuring at 0.03 pT @ 1Hz. GEM’s Research and Development programs continue to advance the frontiers of magnometry.

TOPGEM was an Exhibitor at EAGE 2013 in London, England!

This was a great show for GEM at EAGE’s 75th conference & Exhibition in London, England. It was a pleasure meeting so many of our loyal clients, and to present some of our improved technologies.

Some of the technologies GEM showcased included:

  • dIdD
  • Potassium (Ground & Airborne)
  • Overhauser
  • UAV

A big congratulation goes out to Jingping Z. from Edwardstown, Australia for winning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!!

TOPGEM will be Exhibiting alongside ModernMag at the ASEG-PESA Conference in Melbourne, Australia

This year at the ASEG-PESA conference & Exhibition GEM will be exhibiting alongside ModernMag. Come visit us at booth #51 to speak with experienced professionals who can help you determine the proper instrument for your intended application.

Some of the technologies that GEM & ModernMag will be showcasing this year include:

  • Potassium (Ground & Airborne)
  • Overhauser
  • UAV
  • dIdD

To see a complete listing of GEM’s instruments, click here

To visit ModernMag’s website, and to get more information, click here

TOPFeatured Product:GSM-19

The GSM-19 Overhauser instrument is the total field magnetometer/gradiometer of choice in today’s earth science environment. It clearly differentiate itself from other quantum magnetometers by representing a unique blend of physics, data quality, operational efficiency, and system design.

Overhauser effect magnetometers are essentially proton precession devices – expect they produce an “order-of-magnitude” greater sensitivity. The Overhauser effect occurs when a special liquid (with unpaired electrons) is combined with hydrogen atoms and then exposed to a radio frequency (RF) magnetic field. The unpaired electrons transfer their stronger polarization of hydrogen atoms, thereby generating a strong precession signal that is ideal for very high sensitivity total field measurement.

With data quality exceeding standard proton procession and comparable to costlier optically pumped cesium units, the GSM-19 is a standard in many fields, including:

  • Mineral Exploration
  • Environmental & Engineering
  • UXO Detection
  • Archaeology
  • Magnetic Observatory Measurements
  • Volcanology & Earthquake Prediction

TOPFeatured Application: Archaeology

Archaeologists are increasingly looking at remote sensing methods as techniques to explore sites with minimum disruption to the surroundings. Magnetics offer key benefits that offer the ability to resolve details non-invasively at a lower cost than other exploration methods.

Having detailed knowledge of a site prior to investigation reduces excavation costs while ensuring that no part of the site is missed. As many projects are time-sensitive, availability of a rapid, effective method (such as magnetic) may mean the difference between recovery and non-recovery.

GEM’s unique Overhauser and potassium magnetometer/gradiometer systems combine data quality, survey efficiency, and options that deliver significant benefits for archaeological applications.

For more information on magnetic for archaeology, click here to download our archaeology brochure, click here

TOPGEM’s New Website

GEM has introduced our new website, and we feel that it has been improved via easier navigation, a cleaner look, and more detailed information

Visit us here and let us know what you think!

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