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Dec 5 2014

GEMLink+ – Much More than Communication Software

GEMLink+ pre-processing software, which is provided with every magnetometer system GEM Systems manufactures provides diurnal correction, profile plotting and some basic mapping and modeling functions.


GEMLink+ provides all of the data visualization features needed by the geoscientist to quickly assess the data quality of an acquired data set. Since the Earth’s magnetic field varies with time, a base station magnetometer is needed to monitor and record the variations with time. Applying the “diurnal” corrections is another function of the GEMLink+ software.

GEMLink+ can import and export Google KMZ files too; the only caveat is that co-ordinates need to be in latitude and longitude to be compatible with Google Earth and Google Maps. That condition is never a problem for the GEMLink+ user, as GEMLink+ provides a full suite of co-ordinate transformation capabilities.

GEMLink+ is much more than communication software which facilitates data retrieval from a magnetometer. GEMLink+ is a platform to correct, visualize and even interpret geophysical data.

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