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Feb 4 2015

Magnetics in Archaeology

Magnetics are an increasingly key exploration method for archaeological applications. Main benefits lie in the ability to resolve details non-invasively, the wide range of artifacts and cultural affects that are detectable, and the low-cost of magnetics in comparison to other geophysical methods.


Having detailed knowledge of a site prior to investigation reduces excavation costs while ensuring that no part of the site is missed. In addition, as many projects are time sensitive, availability of a rapid, effective method may mean the difference between recovery and non-recovery.


GEM’s unique Overhauser & Potassium magnetometer/gradiometer systems combine data quality, survey efficiency, and options that deliver significant benefits for archaeological applications. The latest technology upgrades offers fast sampling rates and high sensitivity, with zero heading error and no need for calibration.

CIMG2898GSMP-35 for Archaeology


For more information on how GEM’s instruments can help with your next archaeological project, please contact Mr. Blair Walker at

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